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The NCDA was mandated in 1983 to provide Jamaicans with quality drug prevention and treatment services.

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National Council on Drug Abuse

The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) in Jamaica was established in 1983 as a voluntary non- profit organization. The enactment bill of 1991 vested the body with the power to formulate and develop plans and projects for the prevention of drug abuse, its abatement and rehabilitation of drug abuse victims. In 1984, the Drug Abuse Secretariat was established to assist the Council in carrying out the administrative tasks necessary to fulfill its mandate.


Our mission is to make Jamaica a better place to live through the elimination of licit and illicit substance misuse by delivering research driven public education, prevention and treatment programmes


Below is a list of the different services that we offer

Presentations & Exhibitions

Conduct public awareness sessions to the population through a national speaker’s bureau. We can speak on substance use issues from a national, regional & international perspective.

Prevention Programming

Design and deliver resistance skill building prevention programmes for children, youth, communities and families that will increase protective factors for drug use and misuse

Drug Testing

Our staff are trained to collect and test body fluids for the presence of various substances. Drug tests are done for individuals and organizations. Employee Assistance programmes are available

Drug Counselling

Community based individual, group and family treatment is offered, to identify and manage the underlying factors for drug use. In-school and workplace treatment programmes are available

Research & Publications

Regular surveillance and analysis of trends on substance use by parish and nationally is conducted. Data is available to all levels of researchers upon request

Policy Development

We provide technical assistance in the development of school and workplace policies and drug testing protocols to ensure a safe and litigation free environment.

Specialized Drug Training

We offer specialized training programmes in substance use prevention and treatment to other professionals. Many of these training programmes are internationally certified

Access Our Services

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The NCDA provides a variety of programmes across the island.


Resistance Education Against Drugs (R.E.A.D) is a series of selective prevention programmes that targets ages 5-17 with life skills including decision making, problem-solving and coping skills. Emotional intelligence is built through practice in self-awareness and emotions management.


STRIVE is another selective prevention programme. It targets 11-15 year olds who belong to a demographic that increases their risk for drug use. It explores the consequences of substance abuse as well as risky sexual behaviour. It builds skills in conflict management and resistance skills. STRIVE has a component to train peer leaders in institutions to support programme sustainability.

Talk Di Truth

#TaIkDiTruth #FutureComeFirst is a universal high school initiative. The programme was developed in response to the de- criminalization of ganja in Jamaica, it is designed as a peer led programme for students to discuss the pros and cons of ganja. It presents facts on ganja and teaches use by students. decision making skills.



Some of the videos we have developed over the years.

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Important Statistics

Alcohol Use

Alcohol continues to be the drug most widely used in Jamaica. Approximately 40% of the population – that’s 4 in 10 people report that they currently use alcohol.


11% of the population reported current use of cigarettes. The prevalence among males was 17% while for females it was 5%.

Ganja Use

Overall, 16% of the population currently use ganja. Use of ganja is significantly higher among males than females (27% Males 5% Females)

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