Services Offered by the NCDA

Below is a list of the services that are currently offered by the National Council on Drug Abuse.


Public Education

Our aim is to provide the latest, highest quality and most reliable information about substance use in Jamaica so that Jamaicans can make informed decisions about substance use.

 To do this, we conduct public awareness sessions to the population through a national speaker’s bureau.  We can speak on substance use issues from a national, regional & international perspective.

We use all forms of media to communicate, sending the message of help and hope to all.  

Prevention Programmes

We live by the motto – prevention betta dan cure”.

So we design and deliver culturally relevant developmental programmes for students, families and communities.

These programmes build our skills to make good decisions and resist negative influences that prevent us from reaching our goals

Drug Testing

Set your mind at ease – do a drug test.

Our staff are trained to collect and test body fluids for the presence of various substances. 

Drug tests are done for individuals and organizations.

We also offer Employee Assistance programmes for companies seeing to help staff members to return to productivity.

Drug Counselling

Substance use is many times our response to pain, trauma and stress. 

Let us help you. 

We provide counselling to individuals, groups and families to identify and manage the reasons behind drug use. 

We want to restore you to peace, mental health  and wellness.

Research & Publications

We can’t make decisions without information, at NCDA we conduct regular surveillance, monitoring and analysis of trends on substance use by parish,  nationally and regionally.

Data is available to all levels of researchers upon request.

Drug Treatment Court

Some drug users conduct crime as a result of their dependence.  We believe that these persons need treatment not prison,  and so we are an integral member of the rehabilitation team within the penal system.

We help  qualified offenders as a diversion to immediate criminal penalties.

Specialized Drug Training

We are in the business of building the capacity of other professions to professionally support substance abusers.

We offer specialized training programmes in substance use prevention and treatment to other professionals.  Many of these training programmes are internationally certified.