Vision, Mission & Values



We strive relentlessly for a “DRUG FREE JAMAICA” in which the abuse of licit substances is eliminated and there is a reduction in the demand, supply, use and abuse of illicit substances.


We exist to provide quality, reliable information, to policy makers, international partners and the general public, about substance use and abuse in Jamaica:- its nature, the extent, prevention, treatment, control and underlying problems that negatively impact on nation building. We are dedicated to strengthening protective factors against substance abuse, in collaboration with diverse local and international organizations, through the implementation of treatment and prevention programmes.

We aim to provide a supportive environment for employees and stakeholders that build commitment and competencies.


valuesCorporate Value:  INFORMATION
Principle:   Communication of information with consistency to our various publics.   Our research is to meet standards of accuracy, validity and reliability

Corporate Value: INNOVATION
Principle:  Demonstrating consistent creativity in programme development and implementation with efficiency and effectiveness.  Redesigning workflow based on need and culture despite resource limitations

Corporate Value: INTEGRITY
Principle: Establishment of relationships with staff, community groups and our partners based on trust.  Building a name for the Organization that inspires people to want to be advocates of our mission

Corporate Attitudes: Optimism
Taking a hopeful view of our responsibilities in impacting behaviour change in our country

Corporate Attitudes: Commitment – the obligation that we feel we have to positively impact the lives of our people

Corporate Attitudes: Empathy
Our identification with persons who are at different stages of decision-making with regard to substance use and abuse

Corporate Attitudes: Service
Performing activities in order to meet the public’s needs for help and information