Application for Field Officer – Trelawny

So you want to work with us. Good move!

The Drug Abuse Secretariat seeks to recruit enthusiastic, responsible, committed and appropriately qualified staff to fill our current vacancy for a Substance Abuse Officer.  Your interest in the Drug Abuse Secretariat is appreciated and, if you are successful, you will find that working here will provide variety, challenge and satisfaction.

Please read the following information carefully.   This will help ensure that your application contains all relevant information and that you fully understand the process.

The following information and advice is to assist you in the preparation of your application.  


POSITION SUMMARY: To initiate, organize and manage community based prevention programmes throughout the assigned parishes. The position is also responsible to provide individual and group therapy services to substance abusers.

Successful applications will have to demonstrate that they possess the following key competencies:

  • Knowledge of substance abuse prevention theories
  • Experience with the implementation of community initiatives
  • Knowledge of case management
  • Ability to provide individual and group therapy and family counselling
  • Ability to apply basic and advanced counselling techniques to client needs
  • Knowledge of existing community networks and evidence of networking skills
  • Detail oriented, strong planning and organizing skills
  • Presentation and Public Speaking skills

Applicants are to provide evidence that they meet the following academic qualifications:

  1. First Degree in Social Work/Psychology/Counseling
  2. Certificate in Addiction Studies and or Training in Substance Abuse Counselling
  3. Training in Project Management

The additional information is critical to the acceptance of your application

ü  Three years experience in field work

ü  Must own and operate a reliable motor vehicle

ü  Applicants MUST live in the parish of Trelawny

The salary classification and range for the position is SWG/PS 2 ($904,181 to $1,074,787) the position also carries a Full Upkeep Motor Vehicle Allowance of $514,000.00 ( non – taxable) and the payment of a mileage allowance of $40.00per km for duty travel.


Interested persons are asked to complete the form found at  

Resumes are welcome at, however they will not be considered without your completion of the online application form. 

We are accepting applications  up to August 20, 2013 at 4:00pm.

We appreciate the responses from all our applicants however only our shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Persons that are shortlisted will be sent a follow up email to complete our application form and other selection forms.

The Application package is to be completed and sent by email to an address to be announced.   Please pay special attention to Section 15 on the application form and provide current contact numbers for your References. The Application package also includes personality testing exercises. Remember there are no right answers on the personality assessments so answer as quickly and honestly as possible.

We have found that it is easier to complete and return these forms beforehand so as to save time at our face-to-face interaction.


The Selection Process will be in three parts:-

  1. The First Interview
  2. The Second Interview
  3. The Work Sample Assessment

Further details will be provided to candidates at each stage of the selection process.

We expect that the entire process will be completed by August 31, 2013. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the HR Department at 926-9002-4