Talk Di Truth

#Talkdituth (TDT)  is our prevention programme that is offered to secondary school students that supports a peer training approach to ganja education.  TDT is the youth component of a larger national ganja education programme.

The aim of the programme is to delay the onset of ganja use among secondary school students. The programme is not an anti-ganja campaign but a education campaign that seeks to provide leadership skills and scientific knowledge on the use of ganja (good and bad) to its participants

The programme seeks to provide a safe and fun environment to open a conversation about ganja based on fact and not fear.

Delivery Format

  • The NCDA interacts with the schools to invite present or potential student leaders to participate in a student leader/advocacy training session

  • This leadership training covers topics such as:
    • Rapport building and communication strategies with peers
    • Stages of change
    • Managing people
    • Leadership development
    • Project management
    • Ganja Science
    • Goal Setting and Decision making
    • Legal Framework for Ganja in Jamaica