Strive – Low Level Literacy Programmes

STRIVE is designed to address special segments of the population that are considered to be at higher risk for substance abuse.  For example, children that are in state care due to abuse or abandonment, young offenders, school drop-outs or students that are failing academically.

Risk groups are identified on the basis of social demographic or environmental risk factors known to be associated with substance abuse.

This risk category requires intensive support to build protective factors that may support healthy decision-making towards drug use.

STRIVE is a life skills programme that aims to develop adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal with the challenges of every-day life.   The table below gives examples of the skills and competencies that are developed in the programme.

The training programme is comprised of four lessons/units

  • UNIT 1 – Self Awareness
  • UNIT 2 – Decision Making & Conflict Management
  • UNIT 3 – Healthy Me
  • UNIT 4 – Future Me

Each module is self contained and can be used as pull out sessions based on the needs of the group.