NCDA gets a new Board


The following persons are appointed to serve as the Board of Management for the National Council on Drug Abuse for a period of three (3) years with effect from April 30, 2012 to April 29, 2015.

Dr. Wendel Abel (CHAIRMAN)
Community Health & Psychiatry
University Hospital of the West Indies
Dr. Winston De La Haye
Medical Association of Jamaica
19a Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5
Mr. Howard Gough
Patricia House/Richmond Fellowship
6 Upper Musgrave Avenue, Kingston 5
Mr. Halvorn Julye
Community Activist
Mrs. Iona Lawson
Council of Churches
14 South Avenue, Kingston 10
Ms. Nancy Anderson
Bar Association of Jamaica
78 Harbour Street, Kingston
Mrs. Karis Flowers
Private Sector Organization of Jamaica
39 Hope Road, Kingston 10
Mr. Aston Johnson
UAWU (Trade Union)
50 Lady Musgrave Road
Mr. Steve Ashley
Prime Ministers Nominee
Dr. Patreece Charles-Freeman
Leader of the Opposition Nominee
Bishop Rohan Edwards

Miss Anthonette  Patterson
Nurses Association of Jamaica
24 1/2 Seymour Avenue , Kingston 6

Dr. Judith Leiba
Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Health’s nominee
2 King Street, Kingston
Mr. Donovan Brown
Financial Secretary – Ministry of Finance’s nominee
30 National Heroes Circle, Kingston
Mrs. Anna-Kay Magnus-Watson
Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Education’s nominee
2 National Heroes Circle, Kingston
Mr. Robert Chung
Ministry of Labour
1F North Street, Kingston


The Drug Abuse Secretariat welcomes the new Board.