We Don’t Dope


‘Doping’ is the word used in sport when athletes use prohibited substances or methods to unfairly improve their sporting performance.  These substances are called performance enhancing drugs and falls in the drug classification that include anabolic steriods.  

The use of performance enhancement drugs is an ongoing problem in sports. The most common drugs used are steroids and hormone growth. Cases of drug use have been found in sports such as track and field, football, wrestling, to name a few. Sports Officials, of late, have been trying their best to keep athletes from using drugs. Some of sports most celebrated athletes such as Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery and Justin Gatlin among others, have admitted to or tested positive for using performance enhancement drugs.

Sports Officials are seriously cracking down on the drug problem because performance enhancement drugs are getting popular in both high school and college sports who receive less attention than professional athletes.

Performance enhancement drugs, particularly Steroids, can be very harmful to both men and women. Athletes that are dependent on Steroids can sometimes overdose and even commit suicide should they suddenly stop using. The most frightening though, is contracting HIV/AIDS from shared needles.

Jamaican athletes are known to be Drug Free. They train hard, they get injuries and they participate in ice baths to maintain fitness! Their hard work has paid dividends at the Olympics and the National Council on Drug Abuse is Proud to celebrate our athletes as they continue to work hard to maintain their Drug Free status.

If you have a problem with drugs or know someone with a drug problem, the National Council on Drug Abuse offers a variety of support services that can be of assistance. Call our Helpline at 1 888 991-4244 for more information.