NHF Funds READ Junior


The NCDA has received J$5,539,000.00  from the National Health Fund (NHF) to support the implementaion of the READ Junior programme in schools across the island. The project is to run from October 2012 – September 2013. 

Funding is received to develop a media campaign and linked intervention to deter drug abusing behaviour among Jamaican youth by mitigating against risk factors and enhancing protective factors among children ages 5-7 years old.

The objectives of this programme is to:

  1. To sensitize stakeholders to the programme
  2. To Expose 500 vulnerable students (ages 5-7 ) to anti-drug strategies during interactive sessions held outside of their community across a 12 month period
  3. To Develop and air a media campaign targeting parents and young children
  4. Monitor and evaluate project implementation and outcome

For more information on this programme click here for the project brochure.