Survey – Rapid Assessment an Respose Survey – Westmoreland

 westmorelandRapid Assessment and Response (RAR) Survey

The Jamaican Rapid Assessment Survey includes parish by parish data on drug use patterns related to education levels, gender, employment status, sources of supply and consequences of drug use. This methodology meets the need to quickly and inexpensively gather information that is otherwise not available or likely to be obtained because of resource or other constraints. Findings from such surveys have strengthened local response, informed longer term studies and provide a credible basis on which to measure interventions.

The Westmoreland RAR Survey (2010) is a community-based survey of the 91, 9826 persons ranging from 10-59 years old who reside in the parish. Ninety two persons (92) representing 0.1% of the population were surveyed. The sample was stratified for age and gender. The thirty three point questionnaire was administered by interviewers. Response rate was 100%.

Drug Use and Abuse in Westmoreland-Jamaica

Gender: Male 42% Female 58%.

34% of the population have ever used cigarettes vs. 8% current use. (C. use. Male 13%)
12% of the population have ever used cigars vs. 2% current use
11% of the population have ever used beady vs. 2% current use
37% of the population have ever used ganja vs. 16% current use
1% have ever used seasonal spliff vs. 1% current use
1% have ever used heroin vs.1% current use
91% have ever used alcohol vs.17% current use. (C. use males 28%)
1% have ever used cocaine vs.1% current use
1% have ever used crack vs.1% current use
1% have ever used ecstasy vs. 1% current use
4% have ever used inhalants vs.1% current use.

Age of initiation compared to age of start of frequent use
Cigarettes (age 1vs. age 2).
Cigars (age 10vs. age 14).
Beady ( age 9 vs. age 12)
Ganja ( age 1 vs age12)
Alcohol (age 2 vs.age 12).

Reasons for drug use
76% consume alcohol to feel good and relax
22% consume alcohol to forget worries
32.6% consume alcohol to socialize
8.5% initiate the use of other drugs to experiment.

“Alcohol can make people sick” (91%)
“Alcoholism is a serious problem in Jamaica” (80%).
“Can use alcohol but no crack cocaine” (47%)
“Can use alcohol but no ganja” (33%).
“Get bored in the parties when there is no alcohol”(34%)

Government should put warning labels on alcoholic products (87%), ban advertising in media (48%), ban sponsorship of sporting/cultural events (32%).


 Alcohol is the most abused drug in Westmoreland. 

76% consumed alcohol to feel good and relax.

4% use inhalants to get high.

4% of those who use drugs do so to forget worries.

22% shared medications with relatives and friends.

87% want warning labels on alcoholic beverages.

Majority of them were aware of the dangers of alcohol use.

3% have had unprotected sex under the influence of alcohol while 1% have had unprotected sex under the influence of other drugs.