Do We Have a DRUG Problem?

community drug  The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) has received funding from UNICEF to implement a 2-year project in 20 communities island-wide. The project encourages community action by engaging individuals, families and key stakeholders to actively participate in protecting Jamaican youth from the effects of substance use and risky sexual behaviour.

The project will target the both rural and urban communities across the island.

20 community needs assessment were conducted in November 2013 to identify: substance misuse problems and risky sexual practices, community assets and resources, barriers to prevention planning and the community’s level of readiness to embrace an intervention and promote change.

Stakeholder partnerships will be formed between NCDA, volunteers, peer counsellors, community police personnel, parenting interest groups, youth information centres, business entities and the media to positively influence and effect change relating to underage drug use and risky sexual practices. Training sessions to build awareness and create community action plans will be held over the project liftime.

As a part of the initaitive communities were asked about their perception of the presence of a drug and alcohol problem on their commuity.  The survey results indicates teh areas of greatest concern for them with regards to substance misuse and its effects on their commuity.

Summary Of Findings For Community  Assessment

• Most communities are concerned about marijuana use among younger age-groups and alcohol use among older persons

• Most communities see drug prevention as a good thing

• Most communities think young people are at risk for both drug use and risky sexual practices

• Readiness for intervention varies among communities, some report higher levels of readiness than others. Communities with strong coordination and leadership reported the highest levels of readiness for planning and change.

Click on the Community name below to view the specifc Fact Sheets.

pdfdloadBluefields, Westmoreland

pdfdloadBridgeport, St Catherine

Cacoon Castle, Hanover

Chester Castle, Hanover

Clarkes Town, Trelawny

pdfdloadDuckensfield, St. Thomas

pdfdloadFour Paths, Clarendon

pdfdloadHope Bay, Portland

pdfdloadKendall, Manchester

pdfdloadLawrence Tavern, St. Andrew

pdfdloadMalbough, St. Mary

pdfdloadNew Green, Manchester

pdfdloadNorwich, Portland

pdfdloadOlympic Gardens, St. Andrew

pdfdloadPagee, St Mary

pdfdloadSandy Bay, Clarendon

pdfdloadSeaforth, St. Thomas

pdfdloadSpring Village, St. Catherine

Steer Town, St. Ann