Fact Sheet – Steroids



Artificial hormones used to treat various medical problems. Increases weight, size and strength. When abused they can halt growth prematurely and lead to numerous adverse health conditions.

Signs of Intoxication: Aggressive behavior, sever mood swings, depression. Yellow eyes and skin (Jaundice).

Withdrawal symptoms: Depression, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, craving for drug headaches.


  • Mind & Behavior: Emotional instability, severe mood swings, aggressive behavior, depression psychotic episodes.
  • Heart & Blood: High blood pressure, fat build up, hardening of the arteries, risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Liver: Risks include jaundice, tumor, hepatitis; liver cancer. 
  • Kidneys: Risk of malfunction.
  • Bones & Muscles: Bone damage, tendon degeneration and increased risk of tendon tears.
  • Sexual Organs: Risk of infertility, impotence.

Other Risk: Acne; acceleration of male patterned baldness in men and hair loss in women; coarsening of the skin; decrease thyroid function; risk of cancer; masculinization in women (increase of facial and body hair; deepened voice).