Operation Lighthouse

Operation Lighthouse is a universal substance abuse prevention programme that supports the development of family and family-based life skills. 

The goal of the programme is to:

1.Strengthen family bonding and establish clear standards of behaviour for parents and children

2. To increase parental understanding of themselves and their children in order to appropriately manage behaviour

3. To build developmental skills in parents and children

Family Programme

We focus on families of children that are transitioning to high school but all families are welcome to participate

Skills taught in the programme

Skill Building for ParentsSkill Building for Children
Relationship BuildingAchievement Motivation
Stress ManagementResponsibility
Development of House RulesPlanning & Decision Making
Anger managementConflict Resolution
Parental MonitoringResistance Skills

Delivery Format

The programme is delivered in 5 Units.  Each unit has a parent track a child track and a group family session at the end of each unit

Each unit is delivered in 2 hour sessions each

Each session is highly interactive with

  • Discussions
    • Relective learning exercises
    • Videos
    • Case studies and role plays
    • Family Fun time

Families are given a certificate of Completion at the end of the programme