alcoholUsed to excess, Alcohol can affect every system of the body. Alcohol abuse can have devastating effect on the family, job performance, society and public safety. Effect depends on the amount consumed, the personality and mood of the drinker. Reaction can range relaxation and euphoria to withdrawal and violence. Alcohol impedes fetal development.

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cocaineSnorted, smoked or injected, cocaine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Acute tolerance develops quickly. This along with the drug's strong reinforcement properties, makes it highly addictive.

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amphetaminesDexamphetamine, methamphetamine (crack) and benzamphetamine are powerful stimulants. Tolerance develops rapidly and users become psychologically and physically dependent on the Effects of the drugs.

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ecstacyMDMA (known as Ecstasy) is a mind-altering drug with hallucinogenic effects. Ecstasy is produced in improvised labs and packaged for cultural appeal to youths.

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marijuanaMarijuana is a hallucinogen, which alerts mood and cognition. Generally smoked or eaten for it's major psychoactive ingredient THC. Effects depend largely on user's

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barbituratesA group of central nervous system depressant drugs intended for therapeutic use. Barbiturates cancan be addictive and have severe side effects and withdrawal symptoms. They disturb natural sleep patterns and may produce 'hangovers".

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heroinA central nervous system depressant, heroin is an addictive drug with profound physical and psychological effects. Used intravenously there is risk of infection and disease (hepatitis, AIDS) due to unsterile/shared needle use.

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steroidsArtificial hormones used to treat various medical problems. Increases weight, size and strength. When abused they can halt growth prematurely and lead to numerous adverse health conditions.

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caffeineCaffeine is a widely consumed habit-forming psychoactive drug. Low doses may give feelings of alertness, competence and a faster clearer flow of thought. Fatigue is reduced. Possible health risk.

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tobaccoSmoked, chewed or inhaled through second-hand smoke, tobacco constitutes a public health hazard. Tobacco contains 4,000 chemicals including

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