The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) created a programme to support the building of protective factors for substance use and abuse called R.E.A.D. The acronym is short for Resistance Education Against Drugs (R.E.A.D). This programme is an indigenous response to our Jamaican reality of a cultural acceptance to drug use. READ was developed in 2003 and tested in Jamaica, Bahamas and Grenada. The programme was copyrighted in 2005 for use in Jamaica.

The READ generation of products includes:


· READ for Juniors 5-7 ages

· READ for Minors 9-11

· READ Ages 11-17

· READ Plus ages 11-17 ( includes HIV education)

The main objective of all the READ programmes is to build participant self efficacy through knowledge of self and drugs, encouragement of creative activity, measurement and assessment, and creating positive peer and facility support.

The programmes are delivered co-curricular by trained NCDA facilitators using a workbook to deliver the sessions. Pre and posts tests are used to measure outcomes of the programme. Selection for participation is based on students that belong to a group that have a high risk for substance use. The participants are not individually assessed to be at risk for substance abuse.

The READ line of programmes are built around the following areas:

o Affective: Self concept, perspectives, attitudes, feeling of safety, vulnerability/protective factors, needs, behaviours.

o Cognitive: Definitions, reasons for use, rights, the law, drugs of abuse

o Skills: Coping, decision making, resisting offers made through advertising/marketing

o Competencies-how to say no and mean it, taking responsibility, selecting the right friends, safe practices

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